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9xRockers 2020 9xrockers cannot be forgotten whenever it comes to downloading movies online through the Internet, as it is quite popular for movie downloading sites like Tamilrockers from which Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil Hindi Dubbed Movies are downloaded.  In this post, we are talking about 9xRockers only. Read the post in full so that you can have lots of valuable information about 9xrockers and how to download a movie from it and its side effects? 

Why 9xRockers so popular among Movies fans

9xRcokers is most popular after Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, Jiorockers. Lots of people know much about those things, if you are reading this article right now then you also come here to know more if We are not Wrong! Sound good right?

Download Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bollywood, English, Hindi Dubbed Movies 9xRockers cannot be forgotten, whenever it comes to downloading movies from online using the internet. 

This website is very popular. Today we are going to tell you about this in the post. Read this post till last, because after reading this you will know all the things. After that you can judge yourself independently – Should you download the movie from this site or not?


We are Living Hitech Era with High speed internet

Today’s we are living an era where everything can be done using the Internet. 

Right now, almost everyone has a Computer or Laptop, if not, then one must have at least an android smartphone in his pocket right?. 

In which they are able to use the internet. In today’s time, it is considered the best source of internet entertainment. 

Whether it is a matter of talking to friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or it is a matter of watching online movies. Both methods are considered the best for entertainment.

Going back five to 10 years from today, the number of internet users in our country was very less. And another reason was also that internet data was very much expensive at that time. Only a few can afford the internet data cost, and others have not so much affordability to use these highly sophisticated modern communication tools. Because of the person used to watch movies in the theatre, Cinema Halls, TV, VCDS, CDs etc or from other offline sources which is less cheap than online and easy to use at that time of knowledge and affordability.

But now the situations are completely reversed, slowly everything is now interdependency of online service. Be it if filling an online form, withdrawing money from ATM machines, booking a ticket for Train or Airplane or checking your university school college result everything has been shifted offline to online right now.

Now one can live without the internet right now such descent weight already been put on it.

This situation completely changed, when Jio launched in India, internet data has become very cheap. Not only cheap it is the cheapest in the world. 1GB high-speed 4G data cost in India is only Rs. 1.98 means only 0.03$ only.

 Due to which people prefer to watch their favourite movies on the internet instead of watching movies in Cinema halls, Theater or Cafetaria. Which is a little bit more expensive nowadays.
Another hand the market for piracy is very hot in our country. While piracy is a crime under Indian law, but still peoples are getting attracted to it. Every year due to piracy, the film industry, production houses is facing huge losses, which is directly impacting in our society. Moviemakers are unable to get back their investments due revenue collection issue is the major problems, as piracy eating their business illegally.

However, the Indian government is making a lot of effort to stop this. But still, piracy continues to grow day by day.  unfortunately, 9xRockers is also one of the biggest piracy websites, just like Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, madras rockers, Worldfree4u, 7Starhd, etc. Today we will go to tell you about all these through in this post. Which must be known to you as it is one type of criminal activity, so before you get trapped any governmental punishable offence you must all do and don’ts to keep yourself safe and secure.

9xRockers Spreading through the Internet: Providing Entertainments

The Internet is considered one of the best sources of entertainment and we all use the internet for timepass, research, knowledge, education, Banking etc.

People like to download free movies from the internet for entertainment purposes mainly, maybe you have also downloaded a movie from the internet at some time. as you are reading this post this indicates that you might have some fashion of watching movies online, If we are not wrong!

In this modern era, there is hardly anyone, we can found, who does not have a computer or smartphone in their pocket and does not want to watch online videos, movies, YouTube on the Internet.

It was not a few years before that because Internet data was very much expensive at that time, but after the arrival of Jio, internet data became cheaper and it became easier to watch movies online.

 There are many pirated websites like 9xrockers for watching online movies as well as downloading free movies on the internet.

Which provides free movie downloading service. Moviemakers loses lakh and crores of revenue due to these. However, the government also prohibits them and implemented many punishable offences to prevent piracy.

Their domain name, URL is blocked by the government using ISP and SEP but still, these people start their work by creating a new site with a new domain URL. It has seemed that a hide and seek game has been playing between Gov and these miscreants. Now let us know in detail about 9xrockers.

What is 9xRockers 2019 all about?

9xRockers is a website where people can download movies for free. That is, it is a torrent website and mostly pirated movies are uploaded in their portal for downloading and streaming purposes. Not only that famous Tv shows, Political videos, and Daily TV shows has already been uploaded from time to time to make happy of their users.

On this website, you will find Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kanda, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and Pakistani movies online. Which you can download in good quality HD 1080p, 720p 300mb movies download also available.

Here you will find movies in many formats, keeping in the mind of low data but high-quality file format but the low size. Such as Full HD 1080p, HD 720p, MP4 420p, 320p MVK Movies will be available for download. not only that These 9xRockers also have streaming facilities with the dubbed versions.

 In this site, you will get neat and clean a good print of the movie to the download. If you download even in small size then you will get better quality.

In addition to movies in this website, you will also find TV shows and web series. Recently “sacred games season 2” and “Bigboss 13 session” was leaked on this website.

If you like watching Hollywood movies, Hollywood action movies then this is a very good website for you. Here you will find Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies very easily.

What is 9xRockers mainly Do?

9xrockers.com is a piracy website that leaks the latest movies before release and makes them available for online free download on its portals.

Meaning that it is a torrent website providing free movies download service in which pirated movies are uploaded for free download.

Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi Hindi Movies Free Download can be done from the 9xrockers com website.

Apart from all this, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Tollywood Movies and Pakistani Movies will also be available for download on this website.

The print and quality of all the films available on this site also good. Users can select the movie format of their choice and according to their device supportability.

9xRockers movies quality

Talking about movies quality of movies, Full HD 1080p, HD 720p, MP4 420p, 320p MVK and 300mb movies are available to download. Even not only that They also support for the streaming facility also in dubbed version or with subtitle in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada Marathi etc.

For users who like to watch Bollywood, Hollywood movies, this is a work website because with this you can also download Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies.

9xRcokers – Download Kollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Hollywood, Telugu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Malayalam Latest Movies Online

Who is the owner of this website 9xRockers? Nobody has strong evidence about it yet. This website is placed at a remote location so that nobody can trace them from India.

 Due to which our government is unable to locate the owner of this website. In our country, running such a website is a crime, and anyone who runs this type of website can get a criminal offence.

This website was created in the year of 2011, it took little time to become popular. Right now you will get all kinds of movies in it. It’s one special thing is that you can also watch movies online without downloading, means they also provide streaming facility available.

This website became very popular in November 2018. At that time, it had crossed more than 1.6 million visitors on this website. Since then, its admin decided that all kinds of movies would have to be put in it. and they are doing the same without being traced down.

Why is 9xRockers not working?

If you open 9xrockers.com in your browser now then it will not be open. The reason for this is that these websites are constantly migrating from the new domain. Since the pirated site is not allowed in our country too. Therefore, the government ban these websites using the help of the Cybersecurity cell of India, Anti-piracy cell and with the help fo ISP, Internet Service provider and SEP – Search engine provider.

But these people again make their return with the new domain. If you want to download a movie from this website, first you have to find out about its new domain which they just shifted.

9xRockers – Download Latest Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam Movies, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies, Full HD Bollywood Movies south movies for Free!

Downloading 9xrockers movies is very easy, for this, just go to the 9xrockers website and choose your favourite movies to download and click on the download link and boom.

But the problem is that under Indian law, piracy is illegal and it is crime and their websites are banned by the government.

In such a situation the 9xrockers team starts their work again by creating a new site with a new domain. In order to avoid governmental action, these people buy strange domains.

9xrockers also used to work in domains like 9xrockers.com, 9xrockers.net in 2017, but now in 2019 most of its domains have been blocked by the government.

How to Download Movie from 9xRockers Step by step?

If you want to download a movie from this portal, then we are telling you step by step process below. I already tell you that if you have never downloaded a movie from the internet before, then it can be difficult for you to download the movie. So follow these steps and try at your own risk as we already said that Downloading any movies from pirated sites is criminal offence learn4funs.in don’t encourage to do that not provoking to do so. all this information we are providing here for educational purposes and general awareness purposes only.

Step No.1: First of all, you have to know its working domain and visit its site. And search for the movie you want to download on the search box available.

Step No.2: Now you have two options. One you can watch online. Or you can download in your phone or computer.

Step No.3: If you want to download then you will get the direct download link here. You can download it by clicking on it. as simple as that.

In this way you can easily download the movie from this website, after reading the above steps, you will find it very easy. But actually it is not so easy. To download the movie from here you have to go through the dark dense forest of ads. Lots of harmful ads might flood at your mobile or laptop screens because all of these are their earning resources through these.  If you are saved from these ads, then only you will be able to download it.

How to download movies from 9xrockers 2nd method?

If the first methods do not work then you might choose these seconds options.
There is no long process to download a movie from 9xrockers site, all you have to do is go to its website and choose your favourite movie.

After that, you can choose the movie quality and click on the download link and download the movie. Let me tell you to step by step.

 To download the movie from 9xrockers follow the following step.

  1. First of all, you have to know its working domain and open the site. And install any VPN before visiting that domain.
  2. Now you open the domain URL using VPN, After that search for the movie, you want to download it.
  3. After selecting your favourite movie, select movie quality.
  4. Now you will have 2 options in front of you. One will be the option of the online watch and the other download.
  5. If you want to download a movie, then you click on the direct download link.

In this way, you can download 9xrockers movies free very easily. This is very easy but the biggest problem is to find a new working URL of pirated sites.

Another major problem is that many third-party ads are installed on movie downloading websites and many ad steps have to be followed to reach the download link. This is the main issue you might face. Be sure that harmful spyware, malware might be injected due to untrusted ads which are mainly responsible for that.

Therefore you need to take precautions before visiting these kinds of site and it would be good to skips all those illegal sites which may harm you and your device. And be sure to install a good antivirus to preventing this kind of unwanted attack!

9xrockers New Link 2019 – New URL of 9xrockers

As I mentioned above, privacy is illegal and the government blocks their domains frequently. So it is difficult to find their new link. But not impossible to do so.

You can find its new link on social media Facebook, Twitter with # 9xrockers hashtag.

Its https://9xrockers.net/ domain is currently working, you can download 9xrockers movies from it.

The rest of the other domains are as follows.

9XRockers Domains List

Like we told you earlier that the government blocks pirated websites. Many domains of this website have been blocked. We are telling you the list below.

9xrockers.site 9xrockers.online
9xrockers.site 9xrockers.us
9xrockers net9xrockers with
9xrockers.pk Tamil9xrockers.world

Almost all the domains mentioned above have been blocked. So if you open in the browser then it will not open easily. If you want to find out about its new domain, then we are telling you below for this.

Full list of 9xrockers Domains 2019:

If you are unable to open the link given above, try the domains mentioned below. Either of these domains will definitely work.
https://9xrockers.site/ or https://9xrockers.info/

The government has blocked most of these domains. The remaining 2 are still working. You can check them out.

How to Find the Latest Link of 9xRockers 2020?

If you are not able to open this website in your browser, then you have to find out about its latest link. There are many ways for this.

The first way is that you can find out about it by searching in social media like facebook, twitter. You may also take a lot of time for this.

The second and best way to do this is to join its Telegram channel. After that, you will easily get a link to new films along with its latest link. You can join its telegram channel with the following link.

Whenever the domain of this website changes, you will be informed about it. Also, you will continue to get links to the latest movies.

9xrockers Telegram Channel info & Download HD Films

If you do not know about its new domain even with the help of social media, then you can also download 9xrockers movies from its Telegram channel.

9xrockers are also available on the telegram channel along with its movies series like the rest of the pirated website.

All the movies that are available on its site will be found on its telegram channel. You can download HD movies on your phone without accessing the site.

What are the other websites like this to download a movie?

In today’s time, the market for piracy is increasing day by day. There is more benefit in running such a site, but there is a lot of risk in it. Therefore, we are getting very much attracted to it. Because the trends begin just like getting everything free over the internet.

9xrockers is not the only website that offers free movies downloading service, in addition, there are many more piracy torrent sites.

Just like 9xRockers, many other websites will also be available. I am telling you their names in the following point.

The following sites are some popular similar pirated websites.

All these websites upload movies illegally on their sites. Therefore, we advise you to stay away from all these websites.

All these websites provide free download and online viewing service by leaks new release movies. But as I have already mentioned, piracy in India is Illegal.

This means that all websites are illegal. Downloading or uploading movies from these is a crime and in doing so the police or Indian government’s Anti-piracy cell can take action.


Why You should not use Pirated Website?

9xRockers has a pirated website that uploads pirated content to its site. Apart from this, many pirated site has been mentioned above. Due to all these websites, our film industry has to make huge losses. If we say that our country is losing crores then it is not wrong.

We spend 2-3 hours watching the movie, but do you know how hard and money filmmakers have to spend to shoot a one minute scene? The day you understand this, you will stop watching pirated movies.

Thousands of people work to make a film, it costs crores of rupees, shooting goes on throughout the months, actors have to practice many times for each scene, then after that, a movie gets ready.

When it comes to a movie theater and it is time to earn, the pirated site leaks it. By which public see the movie in free sitting their house. This movie does not earn much. revenue collection drops dramatically.

A simple example of this is that you should work all day and take another wage. The same happens in piracy. 
The film which pays the same amount of tax. Due to which our country gets economic strength. If you want to watch a movie, then watch a movie at the cinema hall or a legal way.

Friends, watch the movie in a legal way. If you want to watch the latest movie and enjoy it completely, then we would advise you to watch it in the cinema houses, Theater, malls where the screen has been shared with the legal way. The movie downloaded from the pirated site will not give you the experience that the theatre can give you trust us!! Just feel the difference once going to watch any movie there.

If you want to watch movies from the internet, then Hotstar, Netflix, Youtube, Sonyliv, Zee5, Jio Cinema are a very good and legal way for this.

Why not to download a movie from any Pirated Websites?

Actually, these pirated sites leak the latest release movies online before they release. With the help of these sites, the audience does not go to the movie cinema and watch online on the internet sitting at home.

Which causes a huge loss of movie makers. That is why the government has declared this work illegal and there is a provision for strict action against those who do so.

The second big reason is that all these pirated websites have third-party advertisements. When a user comes to their website and clicks on a link, then viruses, malware, spyware get into your system, and it can damage your systems completely.

Another thing that, This leads to theft of users’ data. Meaning if you use this site then malware virus will come in your device system and your private data will become public or leaked or can be issued at any moment due to security breach.

That is why we would never advise you to download movies from www 9xrockers net or other pirated websites. You should not download movies from them, and don’t visit their website too!

In conclusion,

In this article, we have learned what is 9xrockers, how to download 9xrockers movies and go through details about it. Hopefully, you have learned everything about it now.

And you must have also understood how dangerous it is to download a movie from all these websites. That is why we advise you to avoid downloading movies from them.

If you want to download a movie, then you use movies to download legal websites for this.


Piracy of any original content is a punishable offence under Indian law. Learn4funs.in strongly opposed this type of activity.
The purpose of sharing this information is only to make it known.

Everything presented here purely for educational and general awareness only.
Learn4funs.in does not support or promote piracy in any manner,  It is for educational and awareness purposes only, So that General people know the truth and stays away from these kinds of illegal piracy websites.
Be safe. Kill Piracy saves Originality.


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